Music Council

Michael J. Fox Theatre Seating Plan

Come up with names of winter and spring concerts in advance so that posters match the tickets. Email Music Council and Ms. Robinson

Create job descriptions. Every year we have new leaders and we need clarity.
-no pizza party/movie night on the last day of school before Christmas break, must be on another day where teacher is around anyways. Party ends at 5:30.
-Job description: pizza/movie night organization. What is needed?


Dear Music Council members: I think 10-12 people max would be a good amount to make the district jazz night run smoothly. Thanks for your help and I will order pizza for 5:15 PM! Below is a list of everything I think that needs to be covered, let's discuss it on Monday so that I can get your feedback. Thanks!

-Instruments from band room need to be loaded into theatre (hopefully this will be done in the afternoon by one of my band classes, but it's much appreciated if you can double check this has all been done at 3:10pm)
-Please create and place signs in theatre for seating for each of the schools. I don't know exact numbers for each school, let's say 40 seats per school should be good! Also please put school signs up for their assigned storage rooms (see list below).
-3-4 people need to work in the box office taking $5 cash payments, counting guests and giving stamps. Please track this all on paper so that we can match it with what the theatre usher counts as they let guests into the theatre
-One person making sure the zone door into the school lobby is kept closed at all times
-5 people on the main floor helping direct the different schools to their rooms for storing their cases and jackets and stuff
-once the concert begins at 7pm box office people please count up the original float and then separate out the money that was brought in and put into a separate envelope. Please hold onto all of this and give to Mr. Wilson at the end of the night.
-much appreciated if three or four music council members remain until after the concert is done for tasks such as taking down signs from the various rooms and general cleanup.

District Jazz Night - SENIOR JAZZ
-arrive between 6-6:30pm. Concert begins at 7pm and ends approximately 9pm.
-all bands will remain in Michael J Fox Theatre  for the entire performance and will have their instruments and music with them in their seats. When called upon, they will come down to the stage and set up. When finished they return to their seats in the Michael J. Fox Theatre. At the end of the concert EVERYONE returns to their assigned room to pack up and collect their belongings.

Michael J. Fox Theatre (Burnaby South Secondary)
-Guests enter left hand side door of MJF and pay $5 (cash only) at box office to music council volunteers. Guests receive stamp and we track numbers and money
-sliding doors on right hand side of MJF will be closed the whole night to so that guests have to enter on the side of the box office.
-the zone door into the school's main lobby must remain closed so that people enter through the MJF doors and NOT through the main lobby of the school
-2 MJF theatre ushers will be on duty checking stamps as people walk into the  actual theatre.
-concession WILL be open and run by theatre staff
-The South music council is running all other things
-parents/guests sit in lower bowl of theatre
Tuesday February 21

Room bookings:
CARIBOO (D223 Choir Room)
NORTH (C238/249 Multipurpose)
ALPHA (Gallery)
MOUNTAIN (D131 Drama 2)
EXTRA ROOM IF NEEDED (On-stage, storage in room C103)


Music Council Overview
The Music Council is a student elected group who develop and implement new initiatives for the Music Department each year. Members of the Music Council also make important decisions in conjunction with MPAC regarding school trips and fund raising strategies. Executive Council Members plan our concerts and assist the school staff in organizational roles throughout the year. Elections for Music Council members take place each year before the Spring Concert.

Music Council Executive Job Descriptions

Secretary  Roles/Responsibilities: - take minutes and keep notes throughout the meetings - help organize and plan music events efficiently - facilitate discussions on upcoming events - keep track of planning for all events (schedule, who is doing what, when, where) - keep track of ideas/suggestions presented in previous meetings - attend every meeting - assist the music department in any administrative duties - answer any questions students may have regarding music events

Treasurer   Role: -Having had at least one previous year of experience on Music Council, students are given the opportunity to apply for a position as treasurer. -Two positions are available, Junior and Senior, and two students are usually chosen.   Responsibilities: - attend to business end of Council - assist with fundraising - ticket sales distribution and collection - provide general leadership - organize and coordinate sales of music department merchandise (ie: sweaters)

Publicity/Communications  Role: Selected through applications submitted by previous members of the Music Council, the Publicity/Communications role entails promoting/generating interest for future Trudeau Music related activities or promotions (Music Concerts, Annual Potluck, Music Wear, etc.) for the duration of the school year.  Responsibilities:   - Innovate unique methods to promote Music related activities. Make everything “fun”! - Collaborate with other Music Council members and include their input on promotional ideas.  - Updating the bulletin board outside the music room. The board can provide a valuable amount of information (upcoming dates, for example), as well as easily promote forthcoming events. Pictures can also be pinned up after each important event. - Creating/designing flyers and posters to be placed all over the music hallway and uploaded as a JPEG file online. - Provide weekly updates on the TV inside the music room (upcoming due dates, promotions, trivia, etc.), which includes sending out emails to all Music teachers to see what they need up on it. Publicity/Communications members must go in on Monday mornings to switch out old revisions and assign Music Council members to turn the TV at the beginning of every day.  - Use social networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) as a vehicle to promote future events. Social media is both new and exciting and easily accessible by students and parents alike.    Twitter: Constant tweets about upcoming events, music opportunities, dates (countdowns are fun!), reminders, links for videos, important changes, and hype the Trudeau Music community up for all upcoming socials or concerts. Tweets must be retweetable so they can be easily shared.   Facebook: Same as for Twitter, except for uploading photo albums as well (which can be quite useful for updating the bulletin board!). Posts must have the option to be shared.  YouTube: Produce videos and uploading them onto the official Trudeau Music page. Planning a video early is essential.


Article I:  The name of this organization shall be the Pulaski Community Schools Music Boosters, Ltd.
Article II:  Objectives.
Section 1:  To generate and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various phases of the Music Department of the schools.
Section 2:  To lend all possible support, both moral and financial to the music program.
Section 3:  To cooperate with those in charge of the Music Department, School Administration and the School Board to the end that this department shall maintain the highest degree of efficiency.
Article I:  Membership.
Section 1:  Membership of this club shall include anyone interested in the progress and development of the Pulaski Community Schools Music Department.
Section 2:  Members will not be assessed dues.
Article II:  Officers and Duties.
Section 1:   The officers of this club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. If a position is co-chaired, it is restricted to 2 people.
Section 2:  The President shall preside at all meetings of this club, appoint all committees, countersign all checks whenever possible and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees whenever possible and shall represent the organization at School Board meetings if he/she so desires.
Section 3:  The Vice-President shall assume all the duties of the President in his/her absence.
Section 4:  The Secretary shall keep records and minutes of all meetings and attend to all the correspondence.
Section 5:  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, showing each activity separately, as well as a complete record of all funds. The Treasurer shall countersign all checks and shall present a detailed audited report to the organization at the meeting in September. The audit will be done by the incoming Treasurer and Vice-President prior to the September meeting.
Article III:  The Executive Board.
Section 1:  The Executive Board shall be composed of the officers of the club and all Music Directors of Pulaski High School. Music Directors shall be non-voting members. 
Article IV:  Meetings.
Section 1:   The club shall hold a minimum of four regular meetings per year; an organizational meeting in April and business meetings in September, November and February. Special meetings may be called by the President.
Article VI:  Quorum.
Section 1:  A quorum for meetings of the general membership shall consist of the members present.
Section 2:  A quorum for an executive meeting shall consist of the following of the executive board;
Total Exec Board
Voting Members
Consists Of
Article VII:  Elections.
Section 1:  Officers will be elected at the April meeting.
Section 2: The President will serve one year. The Vice-President will be elected every year and the following year will succeed to the Presidency. If the position of President or Vice-President is co-chaired, each co-member will have a full vote on the executive board. If a position is co-chaired, it is restricted to 2 people.
Section 3:  Secretary and Treasurer shall serve a one or two year term.
Section 4:  Officers will assume their duties on July 1st.
Section 5:  In case an office becomes vacant, the Executive Board may appoint someone to fill the vacancy.
Article VIII:
Section 1:  There should be no interference from Booster Club officers or members in the actual operation of the music program. The Booster Club is a service group and not an advisory group.
Article IX:
Section 1:  The Constitution or By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. The amendments must have been presented in writing at the preceding regular meeting of the club, mailed to the membership or posted on the organization website prior to the meeting at which the vote will take place.