Whistler Repertoire

Please note: this is a judged festival we are participating in. All musicians are responsible for practising outside of class (choir should memorize all music) and attending all rehearsals. If rehearsals are missed musicians will be asked to email an audio recording of their performance in order to be able to play/sing with the ensemble in Whistler. The conductors reserve the right to ask a musician to sit out of performing if they have not prepared themselves for the festival while they are in Whistler. This is all about the team effort! Let's sound strong!



Two Mass Choir Pieces
“As the Ship Went Down, You Never Looked Finer”, to be conducted by Carrie Tennant. It is newly published by Cypress Press in the VYC series. Here is a link to Carrie conducting the piece with the Coastal Sound Youth Choir 

Blood On The Saddle 

Our Choir Rep
All To Soon - Hatfield
Fix You