Victoria and Nanaimo Music Trip May 19-21

For Wild Play, parents need to sign a waiver.
This must be done online at:

Monkido® Adventure Course
There are three self-paced Monkido® experiences that involve climbing, zip-lining, jumping, and swinging through obstacle games! Guests navigate log ladders, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, and more aerial surprises that gradually become higher and more challenging.In Nanaimo, the original Monkido Adventure Course course stretches through wide expanses of the forest. These original games are some of the trickiest. Can you “hang” in there?

Monkido® Extreme Course

  • Minimum age 12.
  • Chaperone requirements: A responsible adult must accompany kids age 13 and younger on site.
  • Minimum reach 5’11” (180cm), with feet flat on the ground.
  • Maximum weight limit is 300lbs (136kg).
  • 30 – 60 minutes to complete.
  • Signed online waiver is required for each guest (Parent/legal guardian signature is required for each minor guest).
Wildplay website:

• Chaperone requirements: a responsible adult must accompany youth age 13 and younger on site.
Choose an appropriate number of chaperones to manage your group participants. WildPlay Element Guides patrol and manage activities, but do not chaperone
specific individuals or groups. If you need assistance with arranging chaperones, contact us about options.

• Waivers: Parent/legal guardian signed online waiver (visit
is required for each guest who is under the age of nineteen (18 years and younger). Ensure that everyone in your group has a completed online waiver prior to Park arrival.
Without the completion of a waiver a participant will not be able to take part in the adventure. o Make your check-in as smooth as possible!
We will help make sure ahead of time that your group is good to go. 

• Attire: Wear closed toe shoes, secured to the foot (no flip-flops/sandals). Dress appropriately for the weather (i.e. layers), and remove valuables and belongings.  
Our Hotel
Ghost Tour Victoria
The Cridge Seniors Center- 1:30 pm-2:30 pm on Sat May 20th
Choir Clinician - Adam Con

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