WE Council - Goats for Kenya!

As the WE Council students mentioned at the staff meeting, part of their WE Create Change campaign is for the teachers to participate in a coin war.  In the next  few weeks, students will be having lunch hour coin drives-- supported by our Rebel Athletes, a bubble tea sale and a rafiki bracelet raffle.  

The teacher coin wars was planned for April 10th -21st, but you can start whenever you want to; the cut-off is the 21st.  What we need to know is how many of you are participating and would like a can/envelope in your classes; how many of you need multiple cans/envelopes if you are creating a competition amongst your classes.  Please also feel free to ask for a can even if you are not "competing" :-)

We are short of cans, but the WE Council students will be getting more next week; they did not anticipate the competitive eagerness of our colleagues, in the meantime, if you have already started, use whatever envelope, container you have, but let me know so we can keep track.   Also, you will need to lock up your donations in your rooms each day until WE coucil students come to collect.  

And as mentioned at the staff meeting, we are fundraising to provide goats to Kenya, which will give them a sustainable income where they can sell and use the milk, cheese and yogurt.  Right now, East Africa is facing a drought that is affecting 16 million people.   Free the children (now called WE) is on the ground in Kenya, which is why we picked that country in East Africa.

The teacher, and/or staff member that raises the most funds will win a trophy and/or medal, and more importantly, bragging rights.   The admin & office staff have also risen to the challenge and believe that even though they don't have access to students, they can still out fundraise ANY teacher by pooling their own money.   Remember again you can use whatever incentives, party, free-day, no homework day, etc. to encourage your students, but you can not use extra marks, bonus marks or per cents, or 
threats/intimidation [stop promising them dire consequences if you don't win Ms. Chow, last warning ;-) ] as incentives.

Thanks for being such good sports at the staff meeting, and may the best TEACHER, win:-))))

Sabha & Shirley
WE Council Sponsor Teachers