***Canadian Ballad (She's Like a Swallow) R.Sheldon Gr 1-BEAUTIFUL WARM UP-Bring a bit of repose and lyricism to your performance with this melodic work for young musicians. This traditional Newfoundland ballad is presented in an effective arrangement that will bring out all the passion and emotion it deserves
***March of the Freeman Gr 2-Jerry Nowak -Here is a solid original march for young players. It sounds more difficult than it is, which will give your students confidence.
****A Joyful Journey-Gr2-see GDRIVE
****1812 Overture-Gr 2 Tchaikovsky-see GDrive
***Reminiscence Gr2 Bill Calhoun Lush and expressive, this tender ballad for band is emotionally charged with musical tension that resolves beautifully on the final chord. The melancholy music will bring out the sensitive side of your players.
***Viva La Vida Gr2
****The Haunted Carousel-Gr 2

TOP GRADE 3 AND UP FOR 2018-2019
****Nutcraker-Gr 2.5-see GDrive
***Windjammer Gr 3 (Voyage Aboard a Tall Ship) Robert Buckley Windjammers were the last of the great sailing tall ships, and this piece captures the majesty and excitement of these amazing vessels. The voyage begins announced by three solo trumpets surrounding the audience and bouncing musical phrases off one another. The sails are raised, the ship is underway and the audience is taken on a colorful and thrilling musical voyage. This is effectively and skillfully scored programmatic music at its finest.
****Earthdance-Sweeney-Grade 3
***Reverie Gr3 Claude Debussy/arr. Morales -French impressionist composer Claude Debussy's music is known for having an ethereal quality. This arrangement of his famous piece features the use of a keyboard synthesizer with a harp sound to bring that ethereal sound to life. Beautiful timbres are produced throughout the piece by each instrument in the band.
****Prelude and Fugue Bb Major-Bach Gr 3ish- Preserving the rich texture of the original by using the modern symphonic band to its fullest potential in capturing the sound of a huge concert pipe organ, this proven Baroque transcription is exceptionally strong
****Fandango for Mallet Percussion-Gr3-A delightful composition which features either a mallet percussion solo or duet with band accompaniment. The lively Latin melodies work well on either marimba or xylophone and it’s not too difficult! Duet parts can easily be doubled-see GDRIVE
****Foundry- John Mackey-Gr 3ish? the first piece for band at this grade level by this popular and most creative composer. The concept of this fascinating work is to introduce percussionists to the idea that there are more imaginative ways to perform other than with the traditional percussion instruments. Using "found" percussion instruments in addition to creative wind parts, the piece creates a life of its own to the delight of musicians and audiences
***Spontaneous Combustion Gr3 Robert Sheldon Exploding out of the starting blocks, this fast-paced tour de force for developing bands charges relentlessly to the last note. Presented in a minor key with shifting tonalities and tuneful melodies, this musical juggernaut eventually yields to a major key, amplifying its inherent energy. Mixed meters and bombastic percussion combine to drive the piece to the very end.
***Ave Maria-Kevin A. Memley/arr. Hazzard-cascading mallets-Gr3
***Zoom! Gr3 Ayatey ShabazzThis exhilarating and accessible composition is a "must-have" for contest and festival use. There's no holding back and audiences and performers alike will be taken by storm with this musical exploration that will leave you breathless!
***Triangle of the Tempest-Gr3.5
***Lux Aurumque Eric Whitacre-Gr 4?

***A More Perfect Union Mike Forbes Gr3.5 - Carl Fischer LLC Be the first to write a review Click to review A More Perfect Union was inspired by strife throughout United States history, which it portrays in three distinct parts. A opening Celtic-sounding theme depicts early colonial struggles around unification, while the middle section utilizes a hymn-like tune to reflect the aftermath of our country's tumultuous civil war. Finally, the last portion demonstrates the fighting spirit of the current divided political atmosphere.
***A Day in the Life by Scott Director Gr3.5

***Wicked (Highlights) Gr3 arr. Michael Brown
***But Joy Comes :( Owens-Gr3- whose title is taken from Psalm 30:4-5, offers a wonderful opportunity for your band to explore various colors, sounds and harmonies. A strong emphasis on style and dynamic contrast is vital in capturing the character of the music, in which expressive demands abound.
***A Distant Voice Gr3- Donald Coakley - NO audio/video available
***Cantus-Doss-ocean sounds

*Into The Clouds! : Richard L. Saucedo Gr 2

*Mars (from The Planets) : Johnnie Vinson Gr 2

*Sweeney -INT BAND Gr 2 First Suite In E Flat, Themes From : Michael Sweeney

*Where Mountains Touch the Sky : Robert Buckley Gr 2

*Sneak Attack! : Richard L. Saucedo Gr 2-2.5

*Vortex : Robert Longfield Gr 2

*Sweeney -INT BAND Gr2 Crossings In Time

*Clocks : James Kazik Gr 2

Coventry Carol^-arr. Saucedo

DONE 2018-2019
****Great Locomotive Chase-Gr2-see GDrive

DONE 2017-2018
Cathedral Grove^-Robert Buckley
Hercules vs. The Hydra-Watson
****Encanto-Robert Smith-Gr3
****The Voyage-Gr2

DONE 2016-2017

NEW-Jubilant Song Of Xmas
NEW-Game Of Thrones

A French Carol Suite^-Timothy Johnson
A Holst Christmas^-Robert Wagner
Agincourt 1415^-Matthew Schoendorff's stunning work for young band

Canyon Dreams-Appleby-Gr1.5
Beethoven Symphony No 5 Mvt 1^-Cacavas
Colonel Bogey^-arr. Williams
Danny Boy^-Hazo

Falcon Fanfare^-Balmages-Gr2
Mr. B - Rogal-Gr1.5
Personal Best-Appleby-Gr1.5

2016-2017 Rep
Highlights from Star Wars Saga^-Gr 2-Cook (2016-2017)
Japanese Pictures^-Kevin Mixon-Gr2 (2016-2017)
Creed - Gr 2.5 (2016-2017)
French Carol Suite - Timothy Johnson
Hallelujah-Appleby-Gr2 with beginner parts added
I Wonder As I Wander- Brown - Gr 2.5 (2016-2017)

****Take the A Train             
**Work in Progress Gordon Goodwin - If you want to play original Gordon Goodwin charts but find them are too challenging, check this out! Composed and arranged by Gordon Goodwin specifically at a more accessible level, this medium tempo swing chart is outstanding! The lead trumpet range is to written G on top of the staff and there's an open solo section with written solos provided for E-flat, B-flat instruments and trombone. It's the Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band sound, but accessible for your band!-NEED TO ORDER SCORE

*Sweeney- Doxy Gr1.5 JR JAZZ

*Sweeney-Grade 3 Jazz Out Of Nowhere - SNR JAZZ WARM UP

****Stella by Starlight
Pink Panther Remix^-Mancini arr Lopez
Leap Frog^-Paul Lavender-swing style-younger groups

****Big Island - full song
****Boomerang - full song
I'm Impressed (160 beats per minute)
I'm Impressed (180 beats per minute)
I'm Impressed (220 beats per minute) 
**Listen Here-Eddie Harris arr. Lopez- This funky rock chart with a cha-cha flavor features a very hip and simple melody. Also featured are easy backgrounds, and a flexible solo section for one, some, or all winds. With the optional parts, clear rhythm section notation, a nice bass line, and only two chords, it's easy to rehearse and very effective for young jazz bands. Playable with optional reduced or expanded instrumentations.-CHECK AGAIN FOR SCORE??
****Luke's Blues - full song
****Season Opener - full song
****Song Of The Volga Boatmen - Smukal
****Thid M - full song

***Told Ya So Gordon Goodwin- More accessible than most Gordon Goodwin charts, Told Ya So is a medium-swing modal original. The tempo is around 140 bpm, there's a flexible solo section that has written solos provided for flute (optional), alto 1, tenor 1, bari, trumpet 3 and trombone 1. The lead trumpet range is to written B above the staff and optional parts are included for expanded instrumentations. It's relaxed and kinda laid back, but still has the Goodwin intensity. A fun-to-play, more accessible Goodwin chart! Highly recommended!
***Hip Check-"easy Grade 4" David Singley - Neil A Kjos Music Co-tenor sax solo with scales given
***Tri Bop Bill Liston - Kendor Music, Inc. This swing original for advancing big bands will be perfect at your next festival or concert appearance. Melodically and harmonically the piece is very sophisticated, yet it is skillfully written for groups programming medium level material. With a bright tempo and a unique first chorus, this features an intense groove!
The Seatbelts - Tank (see GDrive)
**Chameleon Herbie Hancock/arr. Victor Lopez -for the developing band? Yes! From Hancock's famous Headhunter recording, here is a great opportunity to play the biggest jazz-rock hit of all time. The melody is first played by alto, tenor, trumpet and trombone, then the trumpet section. Next up is a flexible, open solo section with a solo line written for all the winds so anybody or everyone can solo! The top note for lead trumpet is written G on top of the staff. Super-cool chart! Optional expanded instrumentation NEED TO ORDER SCORE
**Dark Side Of The Blues-Classen-COOL NEED TO ORDER SCORE
**Old Devil Moon Burton Lane/arr. Dave Wolpe - great jazz standard arranged by the king of swing charts, Dave Wolpe! This swinger features a written trumpet solo, a few sax section solis, and a lead trumpet part that goes to written B above the staff. Also included are optional parts for flute, horn, baritone horn and tuba. NEED TO ORDER SCORE
Rule The Roost^-Berg-Tower of Power style
Higher Ground-Gr 4
***Li'l James-Gene Thorne-laid back Basie style-DONE? love this one

Chicken Scratch- Kris Berg-Developing bands will eat this up! In fact, that's what they've been doing with every chart in Kris Berg's series of Chicken hits! Chicken Scratch is a ferocious "Tower of Power" style chart that's incredibly hot! Solos written or ad lib are for second trumpet and second trombone, and the lead trumpet goes up only to a written A. This chart is a showstopper! If your band has the energy, they can handle it!
Chicks Dig It - jwpepper only

2018-2019 REP

2017-2018 REP
****A Minor Shade Of Blue-Gr 2.5
Two Seconds To Midnight
In A Mellow Tone^-Basie style Frank Foster
Falling In Love With Love^-Richard Rogers arr. Wolpe-Vocalist

***Blues Walk-Clifford Brown arr. Paul Murtha-Bb blues

Hot House^-Tadd Dameron arr Richards-swing funk groove on bebop tune

***Listen Here Eddie Harris/arr. Victor Lopez -This funky rock chart with a cha-cha flavor features a very hip and simple melody. Also featured are easy backgrounds, and a flexible solo section for one, some, or all winds. With the optional parts, clear rhythm section notation, a nice bass line, and only two chords, it's easy to rehearse and very effective for young jazz bands. Playable with optional reduced or expanded instrumentations
*Bernie's Tune-Victor Goines
***Golden Palm - Jarvis - Latin
***Sha-Boppin G.Russell, Jr./Arr. Halle-Here's an exciting, medium tempo, bop style chart that has a happy, melodic sound! The creative head is first presented by the saxes, with brass backgrounds and the solos are open with sectional and full band interludes between them. Adding to the excitement is a really solid stop-time section that offers a taste of funk. This one's a thrill for the whole ensemble!

***Leap Frog Joe Garland/arr. Paul Lavender -has taken the famous Les Brown version and adapted it for younger groups! The authentic style of the original is still there in this exhilarating arrangement of a classic from the swing era.
Chameleon^-Herbie Hancock arr. Victor Lopez
Dark Side of The Blues^-Andy Classen-modal with shuffle feel
****Feeling Good-arr Holmes-Vocalist
Groovin' Hard^-Don Menza/Buddy Rich arr Barduhn-blues young band
***Keep The Stick-Dean Sorensen-trombone plunger feature
***March Majestic-Mintzer-Another superb Bob Mintzer original, "March Majestic" is a New Orleans flavored chart which draws on the influence of composer Aaron Copeland. Bob's chart features a second line style groove with a swing feel. Solo chord changes for tenor 1 and trombone 1. Lead trumpet goes up to written E-flat above staff. Bob's composition "March Majestic" is recorded by the Yellowjackets on their CD Altered State. Very hip
Moanin'^-Quincy Jones-no audio
***Moondance-Van Morrison arr Lopez-minor swing-young bands
Now's The Time^-Charlie Parker arr Gray-solo on F blues
Old Devil Moon^-arr Wolpe-swing
***One O'Clock Jump-Basie arr Taylor-Eb blues
Scarborough Fair^-arr. Strommen
Superbone Meets The Badman^-Chattaway-off Maynard Ferguson’s "Chameleon"-advanced

Oh Christmas Tree - Jr
Santa Claus is Coming To Town - Snr
Silent Night - Paul Clark - Jr

We Three Kings - Snr-advanced
We Wish You A Merry Christmas-Snr Gr 4
Xmas Medley - Snr- Stan Kenton

Ain't No Mountain
My Girl
Signed Sealed Delivered
You Are The Best Thing


There are 4 notes you need to be able to play to do this exercise and I've listed them below for each instrument. Listen to each "call" from the vocalist and play an identical "response" on your instrument. Happy practicing!

Flute/Trombone/Baritone/Oboe: Bb D F Bb
Trumpet/Clarinet/Bass Clarient/Tenor Sax: C E G C
Alto Sax: G B D G 

Click here --> "Call and Response Level 1"

There are 5 notes you need to be able to play to do this exercise and I've listed them below for each instrument. Listen to each "call" from the vocalist and play an identical "response" on your instrument. Happy practicing!

Flute/Trombone/Baritone/Oboe: Bb D F A Bb
Trumpet/Clarinet/Bass Clarient/Tenor Sax: C E G B C
Alto Sax: G B D F# G

Click here --> "Call and Response Level 2"

Batman - Lopez
March of The Hyperion Robots


Quest Of The Bold-Appleby-Gr1.5 
Emperata Overture - Claude Smith (RCHMND BAND)
Land Of The Midnight Sun - Buckley (RCHMND BAND)
Windjammer - Gr 3 Buckley (RCHMND BAND)


Fool Me Once - Goodwin - Gr 3


Big Island
The Incredibles - Paul Murtha
Overture from the Royal Fireworks Music-Handel-Gr 2
Overture from the Royal Fireworks Music-Handel-SYMPHONY
The Music for the Royal Fireworks (HWV 351) is a wind band suite composed by George Frideric Handel in 1749 under contract of George II of Great Britain for the fireworks in London's Green Park on 27 April 1749. It was to celebrate the end of the War of the Austrian Succession and the signing of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen) in 1748.
Music for the Royal Fireworks opens with a French overture and includes a bourrée and two minuets.
The work is in five movements: 1)Ouverture: Adagio, Allegro, Lentement, Allegro 2) Bourré 3) La Paix: Largo alla siciliana 4 La Réjouissance: Allegro 5. Menuets I and II
Radetzky March A march, as a musical genre, is a piece of music with a strong regular rhythm which in origin was expressly written for marching to and most frequently performed by a military band. Johann Strauss I BORN 1804 Vienna, Austria DIED 1849 (aged 45) Vienna, Austria His most famous piece is the Radetzky March (named after Joseph Radetzky von Radetz).
Salvation Is Created-FlexBand Gr2-3-Michael Brown
Song Of The Volga Boatmen - Smukal
Star Wars

***Air and Caprice-Gr 1.5
***Echoes of the Cape-Silva-Gr2
Quest Of The Bold - Gr 1.5
Gymnopedie No.1 -Satie arr. Bullock
Raider's March
Three Bach Miniatures  ordered tenor sax part Aug 28 2017 JwP

Sorry -Gr 1
Colliding Visions - Gr 1
Dr. ROCKenstein Gr 1.5
Maskepetoon - Gr 1.5  (2016-2017)
First Festival-Appleby-Gr1.5 (2016-2017)
Ayre and Dance
Battle of the Samurai
Black Forest
Gateway March - Gr 1
Midnight Mission
Spitfire - Concert March
Two Chinese Folk Songs

2016-2017 Rep
Celtic Air and Dance No. 2 arr. Michael Sweeney Gr 1 (2016-2017)
Fires of Mazama-Gr 1-Sweeney (2016-2017)